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Some Basic Security Precautions

Maintain your situational awareness of world events and the possible threats devolving from a high-profile or a high-risk location related to your employer.

Monitor facility parking sites for suspicious loitering, stolen and abandoned vehicles, and watch for vehicles left unattended for extended periods of time.

Secure all unattended commercial transportation vehicles, such as delivery trucks or vans, to prevent unauthorized use of the vehicles.

Arrange for your security vehicles to be parked near entrances and exits. Limit the number of access points to visitor centers and vehicle parking facilities and strictly enforce access control procedures.

Have security approach all illegally parked vehicles in and around facilities. Question drivers and direct them to move immediately.

Deploy an overt security presence (patrol cars, uniformed employees, canine teams) outside of public entrances to deter potential attackers from entering public facilities. Vary the size and location of security patrols.

Encourage visitors and guests to immediately report all suspicious activity or items to appropriate your security teams and to the authorities.

Use signage large enough to be clearly visible to visitors of your public facilities, calling attention to heightened security measures and asking visitors to report unattended property or suspicious behavior to security personnel.

Security should challenge persons who appear to be loitering near your facility as well as persons engaged in unusual or unauthorized vehicle loading or delivery.

What is Suspicious?

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