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Report: extremists on rise in WA

posted Mar 9, 2012, 7:34 AM by Andrew Chadick

Western Washington was home to 16 hate groups in 2011, three more than in 2010, the Southern Poverty Law Center said in a report released Thursday documenting the rise of extremist groups across the country. The 16 groups identified by SPLC represent the full spectrum of ideologies -- from neo-Nazis and skinheads to black separatists and militant animal rights groups. Four hate groups are based in Seattle: a skinhead group called Crew 38, a white nationalist group called the Northwest Front, and a black separatist group called the National Black Foot Soldier Network. SPLC also characterizes Seattle's Nation of Islam chapter as a hate group. Across Lake Washington, SPLC said the anti-Muslim group Faith Freedom is based in Bellevue. Faith Freedom contends it isn't a hate group. Its members say they are "anti-Islam," not anti-Muslim. The distinction, they say, is that the group opposes Islam the ideology but does not hate individual Muslims. Tacoma, meanwhile, is home to Aryan Nations 88, a neo-Nazi group. Nationally, the SPLC said the number of hate groups grew to a record 1,018 in 2011, up from 1,002 the year before. The report's author said he started seeing the rapid growth of extremist groups four years ago.
Most of the groups are only visible through a websites or flyers, but it takes just one determined individual to make them a threat. Hate groups in Western Washington:

Nation of Islam (Black Separatist)
National Black Foot Soldier Network (Black Separatist)
Crew 38 (Racist Skinhead)
Northwest Front (White Nationalist)

Aryan Nations 88 (Neo-Nazi)

Faith Freedom (Anti-Muslim)

Crusaders for Yahweh (Christian Identity)

National Socialist Movement (Neo-Nazi)

Crusaders for Yahweh (Christian Identity)